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Project Description
This project is designed to provide a strongly typed method of working with Amazon Web Services Associates API (AKA the product api).

Current Features
  • Item Lookup
  • Item Search
  • Strongly Type Enums
  • XML Result Parser

Here is a quick example of how to use the API in looking up an item
var itemLookup = new AwsItemOperations
	Options = new AwsCommonOptions
		AccessKeyId = Settings.Default.AwsAccessKeyID,
		AccessKeySecret = Settings.Default.AwsKeySecret,
		AssociateTag = Settings.Default.AwsAssociateID

var resultXml = itemLookup.Lookup(new AwsItemLookupOptions() { ItemId = "B004UJAOLM", Type = AwsItemIDTypes.ASIN });
var result = AwsItemResultsParser.ParseItemLookup(itemLookup.Options, resultXml);


As you can see it has a simple to use interface and a set of automated test cases to help you get familiar with it.

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